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Carpentry Services

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Cabinet Carpentry

The usefulness of  well-designed and constructed cabinets should not be underestimated. Whether it is interior kitchen cabinets for your new home or an exterior garden cabinet to store odds and ends, there really very little that can be made better with tailor-made cabinets.


If you are at the beginning of a building project, or if you are looking to have custom woodworking completed for your home or business space, you need to get on the phone with a professional carpenter that you can trust – and The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking is happy to be of service.

Carpentry Services

For us, carpentry is part of our DNA. The passionate approach we take to this job is what sets us apart from so many other carpentry teams and is the reason that we work hard every day to maintain the high standards we set for each other.

Custom Carpentry And Woodworking

When it comes to carpentry many people feel that function comes before fashion. However, we fully believe that style and substance go hand in hand, and that any piece of furniture, carpentry or woodworking can be enhanced with a customized touch that is important to you.

Deck Construction

Are you looking to enhance the value of your home? Perhaps you want to add an extra dimension to your house or commercial property? Or maybe you just want a location where you can soak up some more of the sun’s rays when the summer hits? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it sounds like you could benefit from a tried and trusted wooden deck.

Joinery Carpentry

If you are a person whose favorite part of a cake is the icing on top, then you will be sure to appreciate the value that a top-quality timber-frame joinery service can provide to your home or business.

Railing Installation

COMPANY% provides the best wood stairs and railing installations for your residential or commercial space. We are prepared for any project as we have a wide range of pre-built and custom-made stairs and railings that can fit into any sized home or office. A large portion of our service is consulting with you to provide you the product you want.

Staircase Builder

The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking’s builders have been specializing in staircase construction for many years. We have the skills, tools, and expertise to build you a strong, sturdy, and beautiful staircase.

Trim Carpentry

While it is true that the foundations of any good carpentry job are found in the framing, the fact of the matter is that the finishing touches are just as important.

Wood Stairs And Railing Installation

Are you looking to ensure the stairs in your new home are as sturdy as possible? Maybe you would like some new wooden railings installed in your home or business? Or perhaps you are just looking to make a change? Whatever the reason, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you could benefit from the expert carpentry service offered by our number one team.

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