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If you are at the beginning of a building project, or if you are looking to have custom woodworking completed for your home or business space, you need to get on the phone with a professional carpenter that you can trust - and The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking is happy to be of service.

For years, our carpenters have been completing high-quality custom carpentry projects on commercial and residential properties in Lacey and beyond. Our dedication to meticulous planning, competitive pricing, and professionalism is the kind of excellence that our clients have come to expect.

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Experienced, Trusted Carpenters in Lacey

Experience counts for a lot in the carpentry industry, and we're happy to boast a team of highly trained and experienced carpenters. Our years spent perfecting our craft have allowed us to create stunning woodwork with unparalleled craftsmanship throughout Lacey and the surrounding areas.

Some of our most sought-after projects include:

  • Stairs and railings
  • Trim
  • Cabinets
  • Decks
  • Joinery
  • Custom woodworking
  • And more

Contact our team today to book your carpentry consultation and tell us all about your idea. We can't wait to hear from you.

Knowledgeable Carpenters Ready to Serve

When you decide to go with The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking for your carpentry project, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands. We have all the necessary tools and training to execute any job safely and flawlessly. We'll also make sure that your permits are valid depending on the nature of our work to ensure we can carry out our duties legally and up to code. For more information on our certifications, feel free to reach out to us. We'll be happy to go into further detail so that you can feel confident hiring us for the job.

Carpenters Using the Best Equipment for the Job

As a local industry leader, we only use the most effective carpentry techniques. Combining the newest innovations with time-tested methods, you're sure to get the best of both worlds when you choose us.

We've also invested in top-of-the-line equipment—new and old. We carry out regular maintenance to ensure the tools that we use are in working order allowing us to work without delay so we can stick to the agreed-upon timeline for the job.

If you have any questions about our approach to the project you have in mind, feel free to contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Highly Trained, High Energy Woodworkers

Being a carpenter is hard work! The wood is heavy and shaping it takes tremendous effort. Our team of seasoned carpenters keeps up the pace all day. Whether it is our years of training or passion for the craft that fuels us, we are the high-energy woodworkers your project needs. From concept to competition, we give it our all every moment of the process.

Advantages of Working with The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking Carpenters

We take pride in creating carpentry to be admired for many years to come. That's why, when you choose The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking's carpenters, we work tirelessly to deliver exceptional, enduring results. Anything less wouldn't receive our seal of approval. There are other advantages to working with us too, including:

  • Friendly crew members
  • No-obligation consultations
  • Dependable points of contact
  • Up to code building standards
  • Limited debris and mess
  • Thorough quality inspections
  • Post-work site cleaning
  • And more!

When you work with us, we are more than your contractors. We are partners in achieving—and exceeding—your vision for your space. And we're sure you'll see the difference this has in our customer service from the moment we answer your call.

Count on a team committed to carpentry perfection. Count on The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking.

Plan Your Project with a Professional Carpenter

The success of any building project is based on the careful planning that goes into it. At The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking, we want to bring you the best possible results, and we will begin our services by making a detailed project plan.

But before we put together a plan, we will consult with you and understand your goals for the project. We will discuss:

  • The design for the project
  • The specific materials you wish to use
  • The budget you're working with
  • Your timeline
  • Your expectations

Our job is to make sure that every carpenter working on your home or business has a clear picture of what you want the results to look like, and how you wish to get there. Allow us to take the reins on your next carpentry project—and we’ll bring your vision to life.

No-Obligation Carpentry Consultations

To help you get started on your project, we offer no-obligation consultations for every job we undertake.

It’s our way of proving our worth by showing you the quality of our services firsthand. Once you contact us, we’ll schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. There, we’ll discuss your project with you, taking the time to define your goals and help you meet them. Working closely with you, we’ll develop a detailed project plan, outlining your project’s specifications—including a timeline and cost assessment—so you know precisely what to expect from our services. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Competitive Rates from Our Carpentry Company

We want our carpentry services to be as accessible as possible, and that's why we're happy to offer transparent and competitive pricing. While other carpentry companies may overcharge for mediocre services and sneak in hidden costs, our team prides itself on integrity. We will provide you with a precise estimate, outlining the cost of the project, including materials and labor, before we get to work. You can have peace of mind knowing exactly what you're paying.

We offer highly competitive rates based on efficient work practices and smart labor solutions. Taking a streamlined approach, we’re able to reduce project bloat to drive down costs. We operate a lean business driven by slim margins, helping stretch every dollar you spend to ensure you get your money’s worth. We’re confident in the value of our services—and we think you should be, too.

Contact us today for a quote. We’ll be happy to show you just what we can do for you.

Discover a Range of Carpentry Services

Many people wonder what carpenters do, and that is quite a big question. The truth is, different carpentry companies have different specialties, but here at The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking, we try and provide as many unique services as possible.

Whether you are looking to completely renovate your home, add custom cabinetry to your commercial workspace or build a beautiful fence around your property, our contractors can handle your project with ease and grace.

Choose a Local Carpenter You Can Trust

While you may be tempted to hire a handyman to complete carpentry on your property, we recommend enlisting our professional services. Over the years, our team has been called to repair and rebuild structures that were not completed correctly. Save yourself time, money, and frustration by hiring our leading professionals and get the job done right the first time.

The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking is proud to be a licensed carpentry company providing a complete range of services. We boast years of experience in all types of carpentry. From framing and finishing to joinery and woodworking, we do it all—and we do it all with skill and artistry.

When you have a carpentry project, choose the team you can trust. Choose the team that will do the job right, no matter its size or scope.

Choose The Masters Touch Custom Woodworking.

Realistic Estimates on Carpentry Services

We know how important it is to make sure the contractors you hire fit into your project budget. For this reason, we make sure that everyone who inquires with us gets a trustworthy estimate of what we expect their job to cost. Our commitment to honesty and integrity ensures that you can relax, knowing that you will not be overcharged for the top-notch work you are looking for.

We work with patience, diligence, and care to ensure our services stay within budget. We’ve delivered on countless projects, consistently meeting our deadlines without going over. We’re confident we can deliver on your project, too.

For quality carpentry at a price you can trust, look no further. We’re here to help. Contact us to get started today.

All of the Carpentry Services You Could Ask For

Our broad skillset and dedication to our craft make us a fantastic choice when you need a professional carpenter. We are willing to take on projects of all shapes and sizes, and make sure that they always get our full focus. With a full range of quality tools and a strong knowledge of woodworking techniques, we guarantee that we are up to any task you have for us.

Some of the services that we are qualified to provide you with include:

  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Wood stairs and railings
  • Wood joinery
  • Cabinet construction, finishing, and installation
  • Wainscotting installation
  • Trim carpentry
  • Deck construction
  • And much more

We really mean it when we say that we can take on any carpentry or woodworking project, so reach out to us today to start discussing your job with a local carpenter. We’ll be happy to discuss your project in a no-obligation consultation, where we show you precisely what we can do to realize your vision for your space.

Enhance Your Business with Our Commercial Carpentry

Our diverse clientele includes much more than homeowners. We are happy to provide a full range of carpentry services with commercial clients in mind, which allows you to easily add a touch of class to your workplace. Our customized and high-quality carpentry work can completely transform the feel of any room on your property while adding value to your business. If you think your commercial property could benefit from some of our exceptional carpentry work, feel free to reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

Lifelong Woodworkers

With years of experience, our carpentry contractors are truly passionate about the work they provide. We gain a great sense of satisfaction from working with wood and creating top-notch results. The dedication we have to our craft is immediately obvious when you take a look at our finished products. And the hard work we have put in over the years has only heightened our abilities. The skills our carpentry company boasts are not things that are learned overnight, which is why it really pays to go with our seasoned team of experts.

Masterful Finish Carpentry

We’re proud to specialize in trim and finish carpentry. We provide a complete range of finishing services to give you the interior you’ve always wanted. From hardwood stairs to custom kitchen cabinetry, we have all your bases covered.

Each job benefits from our skill, artistry, and quality craftsmanship. We work with the highest standards in mind to deliver handcrafted wood elements that elevate your space. Best of all, we work closely with you to tailor the project to your precise needs. We consider every detail with care, making sure everything is according to your liking. The result? A singular, masterful element you’ll be proud to call your own.

Our finish carpentry services include:

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Wood stairs and railings
  • Crown molding and baseboards
  • Wainscoting
  • Wall paneling
  • Shelves and storage solutions
  • …and more

Quality Carpentry That's Easy to See

If you would like to get a better idea of what you can expect from our professional carpentry work, we are happy to oblige. We know that being able to visually inspect a carpenter's work beforehand can make all the difference in your ability to trust their services. That is why we have taken the time to put together a gallery of some of our great work. We invite you to take a look so you can truly appreciate the quality of work that we can deliver.

Contact Our Carpenters to Book a Consultation

If you are ready to get started on your next carpentry project, get in touch with us today. We will be thrilled to book a consultation, start planning your build and complete the project with the utmost care.

We look forward to working with you!